Welcome to The ILCA MOZ

We are a community of Language Coaches.

About Us

We are an online association of language professionals & practitioners with the following mission:

  • To develop and support language professionals in the practice of language coaching.
  • To centralize and unite individual and organizational practitioners of language coaching. 
  • To enhance thought leadership in language coaching and contribute to the 21st-century learning experience.
  • To support each others in understanding how language coaching can support learners in international communication. 
  • To provide language coaching to language learners when and where they need it through the continued support and development of language professionals. 

Why You Should Join Us

Advocating and representing general language coaching, corporate and communication coaching issues, and principles through an active and systematic network of practicing language coaches and language professionals, practitioners. We share ideas and provide insights to each other to enable further growth and development in a non-competitive environment where all members support and value the contributions of others to encourage and enhance thought leadership in language coaching.

A Big Thanks

We would like to thank our ILCA advisory board members and every single contributor, community leader and member. With you we are  many, without you we are none. 

Our Founders

Gabriella Kovacs & Carrie McKinnon founded The International Language Coaching Association in 2019 with the aim  to create an ongoing dialogue for language professionals about Language Coaching. They view LC as about inclusion, not exclusion of language teaching practices. 

For more information on Carrie and Gabriella you can go here: 


ILCA strives to embrace cognitive diversity in its approach to this relatively new development-focused process, which is why ILCA weaves a wide range of scientific fields into its fabric to ensure a consistent flux of input. 

Balance. Control. Stability.